Coronavirus – China’s industry is slumping | FAZ

China’s industry has slumped as never before because of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. The official purchasing manager index (PMI) fell in February to 35.7 points from 50.0 points in January, as the statistics office announced on Saturday. This means that the barometer is well below the 50 meter mark, from which the upward trend in business is signaled. Analysts interviewed by Reuters had only expected a drop to 46 points in February. That would have been the lowest level since January 2009.

Coronavirus outbreak puts Belt and Road projects on hold, for now | Forbes

“Throughout history, when markets merge, when cultures come together, when technology is shared and commerce commenced, disease spreads. The same roads and corridors that allow for the flow of goods are also thoroughfares for pathogens. We’ve seen this story play out time and again along the ancient Silk Road—and it’s still happening today with the coronavirus.”

How China is losing support for its Belt and Road Initiative | Forbes

“China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is nothing if not vague. Is it a blanket term for all Chinese overseas economic, social and political activities? Is it a specific set of coordinated policy that’s exclusive to Beijing-led international endeavors? What projects are officially Belt and Road? Where do the corridors actually go? What countries are truly participating? Nearly seven years into the initiative, we are still asking these questions as Beijing attempts to wrangle back its message from private firms and enterprising governments that have unscrupulously been using the Belt and Road brand for their own gains, dragging its reputation through the proverbial mud and putting the future of the initiative in jeopardy.”

Demiurge AI discovers the clinical benefits and risks of Remdesivir, Chloroquine, and PI3K inhibitors against 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Demiurge Technologies

“Demiurge is responding to the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through the appropriate use of our AI platform of discovering novel therapeutic solutions and predicting clinical trial outcomes. We are conducting deep analyses of published studies and clinical data on COVID-19 against our precise broad-spectrum virology models.

In addition to the previous discoveries of multiple PI3K inhibitors as novel therapeutic options for COVID-19, we hereby officially announce further discoveries of the clinical benefits and risks of Remdesivir, Chloroquine, and PI3K inhibitors against COVID-19: […]”

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For the Chinese Ambassador in Switzerland, the worst has passed | Corriere del Ticino

“Tourism is not concerned about the growing number of deaths caused by the coronavirus epidemic: “The virus is sensitive to temperature: when it gets warmer it becomes weaker.””

China’s M&A activity will rebound in second half as some dealmakers press on despite coronavirus restrictions, says PwC | SCMP

“While deals are seen dropping sharply in the first half, some private equity buyers are still negotiating with sellers despite travel restrictions, cities in lockdown.
China’s total M&A deal value fell 14 per cent in 2019 to US$559 billion, the lowest in five years, driven primarily by a sharp 37 per cent drop in outbound transactions, according to data released by PwC on Thursday.

Swiss nationals in China feel lost in coronavirus outbreak | SWI

A group of some 50 Swiss nationals in China have sent a letter to the Swiss government complaining that they feel forgotten by Swiss authorities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

@ SWI | February 19, 2020