Ticino is overcoming the crisis thanks to the Blockchain | CdT

“Michele Ficara Manganelli, President of the newborn Swiss Blockchain Consortium, explains how research can benefit from the technology used by cryptocurrencies.”

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Clinically validated pathology-based AI prediction of ACE2 expression as a predictive biomarker of COVID-19 mortality | Demiurge Technologies

“As the world’s first AI-biopharma company that has discovered and publicized the precise aetiology and pathology of COVID-19, we are committed to the non-profit dissemination of our COVID-19 discoveries and the public validation of our COVID-19 clinical predictions.”

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Demiurge AI discovers the complete aetiology of COVID-19 and the Optimal Treatment Strategy for COVID-19 | finanzen.ch

“Demiurge is responding to the global outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through the appropriate use of our AI platform that can make accurate drug discoveries for diseases with limited available clinical data.”

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