Wang Yi: China and Switzerland should work together to ensure the stability of the industrial chain supply chain |

“On April 7, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a telephone conversation with Swiss Federal Councillor and Foreign Minister Cassis.


Wang Yi said that in the process of China’s anti-epidemic, the Swiss government and people have provided valuable support. During the Tombsweeping Festival, China held a mourning activity against the martyrs who died of the epidemic and the deceased compatriots. The Swiss Embassy and Consulate in China took the initiative to lower the flag by half to participate, reflecting the friendly sentiment of the Swiss people to the Chinese people.

Wang Yi said that China is doing everything in its power to provide support to countries around the world in the fight against epidemics, and has established green channels to ensure the rapid and convenient delivery of anti-epidemic materials. The ventilator is currently the most urgently needed medical equipment for anti-epidemic in various countries. China is anxious about the world and is ramping up production day and night. Switzerland and other countries are suppliers of important components for ventilators, hoping to increase their supply substantially, help enterprises increase production, and alleviate the urgency of countries. This can not only provide material security for the global anti-epidemic struggle, but also help maintain the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain. The Chinese side is also willing to strengthen cooperation in the research and development of medicines and vaccines with the Swiss side. He hopes and believes that Switzerland can effectively protect the health and safety of Chinese nationals and students studying in Switzerland.”

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