China’s Huawei flies under the radar in Switzerland with industrial 5G networks for dairy farmers | SCMP

“A quiet Huawei Technologies-led 5G revolution is unfolding at the heart of Europe – in the bucolic Swiss hamlet of Taenikon. Far from President Donald Trump’s campaign to stop the world from using the Chinese company’s technology, cows in this northern Swiss village – with its whitewashed cottages and manicured fields – wear Huawei’s 5G-connected neck-straps instead of traditional flat bells.”

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Nestle sells raw milk facility in China | China Daily

Switzerland-based food and beverage giant Nestle SA announced it has sold a 95 percent stake in one of its Chinese dairy manufacturing facilities to a local player, as it looks to reduce its raw milk powder output in an oversupplied market. Nestle Hulunbuir Ltd will become a joint venture called Saishang Nestle Hulunbuir Ltd, with the 95 percent stake held by Longhua Zhongchen Enterprise Management Consulting Centre, a shareholder of Ningxia Saishang Dairy Ltd. Nestle will retain the remaining 5 percent stake in the joint venture.

@ China Daily | May 25, 2018