Yingqu Technology: A wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong holds 76% of each of SDH and SDW | Sina.cn

Yingqu Technology announced that recently, Intretech (HK) Co., Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company in Hong Kong, has paid the original equity shareholders of the Swiss company SDH Holding SA and SDATAWAY SA in the second phase of the equity purchase agreement for the 2019 equity transfer. About 2.172 million Swiss francs (approximately 15.51699 million yuan). At the same time, the transaction subject completed the 6% equity transfer of SDH and SDW each in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Equity Acquisition Agreement. Since the date of settlement, Yingqu Hong Kong has held 76% of each of SDH and SDW.

@ Sina.cn | July 19, 2019