Pakistan takes desperate measures to revive Belt and Road’s port | Nikkei Asia

“Pakistan’s federal and regional governments are taking a series of actions, including giving the status of regional subcapital and promoting tourism, to revive the struggling town of Gwadar, whose port — built and operated by the Chinese — hardly receives ship calls.

Experts believe these actions will not work unless infrastructure gaps are addressed in Gwadar, which is the center stage of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the $50 billion Pakistan component of the Belt and Road Initiative.”

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China and Pakistan fall out over Belt and Road frameworks | Nikkei Asia

“China and Pakistan are embroiled in their most serious disagreement relating to the Belt and Road Initiative, causing the annual bilateral summit of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to be delayed.”

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Turkey, Iran, Pakistan rail link to China’s Belt and Road | Nikkei Asia

“The governments of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan will revive a transnational rail service linking Istanbul, Tehran and Islamabad in 2021. The ITI transnational railroa is expected to enhance connectivity with China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI) by providing a rail connection between China and Turkey, Nikkei Asia has learned.”

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When will China roll out a COVID-19 vaccine? Which countries will get it? | SupChina

“Four vaccines developed by Chinese companies have moved on to Phase 3 trials, accounting for half of the global candidates at that final stage of human testing before approval.”

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China’s CNBG, Sinovac find more countries to test coronavirus vaccines | Reuters

“China National Biotec Group (CNBG) and Sinovac Biotech Ltd said on Saturday they have each found two more countries to run late-stage clinical tests of their coronavirus vaccine candidates, as China steps up its efforts in the global race.

Serbia and Pakistan have agreed to participate in the Phase 3 trials of CNBG’s vaccine candidates while Sinovac has received approval from Turkey and Bangladesh. The two companies are seeking more data from overseas as new cases in China are dwindling.”

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New Silk Road: China’s reach towards the West | ZDF

“The new Silk Road is arguably the largest infrastructure project in China’s history. Everyone should benefit from it, says Beijing. But a ZDF report shows something else.”

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