Life-size test before producing pollution masks | 24heures

“In full development of masks against pollutants or pollens, two Vaud start-ups are taking on the coronavirus.

This is the story of two start-ups from Vaud, Breez and Helvitek Labs, who are developing a similar product: an anti-pollution protective mask. Having stayed in China several times, their founders understood how useful such an accessory could be to protect themselves from the dangers of exhaust gases, fine particles but also pollens. The two start-ups have been working there for almost two years and have won awards for the innovation of their product.”

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A new sensor detects corona viruses in the air | Der Bund

“The new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus is transmitted by droplets, possibly even tiny floating droplets, as some studies suggest that have been published on the subject in recent weeks. These so-called aerosols stay in the air longer than larger droplets that are released when coughing or sneezing and which therefore also quickly fall to the ground. The new corona virus may even be transmitted when you speak.

An announcement by the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science and Technology Empa hence is timely. A team of researchers led by nanotechnologist Jim Wang has developed an optical biosensor that can determine the concentration of the new corona virus in the air. In the future, such a sensor could be used where many people move, for example in large train stations or in hospitals.”

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Coronavirus attacks lining of blood vessels all over the body, Swiss study finds | SCMP

“Researcher says virus enters ‘defence line’ and causes circulation problems, which can lead to multiple organ failure. In addition to a vaccine, he suggests strengthening vascular health may be key to tackling Covid-19.”

Molecular Partners develops treatment for COVID-19 | GZA

“The biotechnology firm Molecular Partners has launched a therapy program to combat COVID-19. The company has developed artificial proteins aimed at neutralizing the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

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Chinese companies buy traditional Swiss companies | Die Volkswirtschaft

“Takeovers by Chinese private companies are less in the public eye: Since 2002, private companies have been allowed to make cross-border takeovers. Of the 498 M&A deals by Chinese companies worldwide in 2015, three quarters were made by private companies. Between 2010 and 2017, the share of private companies in China’s gross domestic product rose from around 20 percent to 60 percent. Four fifths of all workers in China are now employed in the private sector.

In Switzerland, more than three quarters of 80 companies with Chinese owners in 2017 came from the private sector. The acquisitions include traditional companies such as the machine manufacturer Saurer, the knitting machine manufacturer Steiger, the drinking bottle manufacturer Sigg, the shoe manufacturer Bally and the design team of the facade manufacturer Schmidlin.”

Acquired company
(founding year)
Product, IndustryChinese investor
(founding year)
Year of the acquisition
Sigg Switzerland Bottles, Frauenfeld
manufacturer of thermos bottlesHaers
Steiger, Vionnaz
textile machineryNingbo Cixing
Designteam Schmidlin, Basel
facade engineeringYuanda
Source: Juan Wu, University of Freiburg (2019)

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The Drone Market is Booming in China – Opportunities for Swiss Start-ups and SMEs | S-GE

In recent years, the drone industry, in China also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry, has expanded rapidly with an intensive use of UAVs in different sectors. This provides various concrete business opportunities for Swiss drone companies, which offer very attractive high-tech solutions. Learn here, how you can benefit from these opportunities and participate at the Swiss Innovation Week 2019: Home of Drones in Beijing.

@ S-GE | March 28, 2019

Ces dernières années, l’industrie chinoise des drones (ou UAV pour «unmanned aerial vehicle») s’est rapidement développée du fait de l’utilisation intensive des UAV pour toutes sortes d’applications. Des opportunités commerciales concrètes s’ouvrent ainsi aux fabricants suisses de drones proposant des solutions de haute technologie très attrayantes. Découvrez ici comment profiter de ces opportunités et participer à la Swiss Innovation Week 2019: Home of Drones à Pékin.

@ S-GE | March 28, 2019

In den vergangenen Jahren hat die Drohnen-Branche, die in China auch als UAV-Branche (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge) bekannt ist, mit der intensiven Nutzung von Drohnen in verschiedensten Sektoren stark expandiert. Das eröffnet verschiedene konkrete Geschäftsmöglichkeiten für Schweizer Unternehmen im Bereich Drohnen, die sehr attraktive Hightech-Lösungen anbieten. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie von diesen Möglichkeiten profitieren und an der “Swiss Innovation Week 2019: Home of Drones” in Peking teilnehmen können.

@ S-GE | March 28, 2019