Switzerland is caught between the fronts of the geopolitical confrontation between the USA and China | NZZ

“The US and some of their close friends are protesting against China – and Switzerland is not participating. In terms of content, the statement hits the bull’s eye. But the Federal Council is trying to avoid a confrontation with the leadership in Beijing. This balancing act will no longer be possible for a long time.”

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The United Front: A Lesser-Known Side of Chinese Presence in Switzerland | The Geneva Observer

“The influence of China on the world economy and international politics increases from day to day. Many economic or diplomatic actors are wondering about their relationship with the Chinese state, struggling to grasp all its facets. One facet of the Chinese party-state that we have difficulty identifying, despite its presence in Switzerland, is the United Front.”

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The plans of the new Chinese ambassador to Switzerland | NZZ

“China is said to have eliminated absolute poverty by the end of the year. This is what the head of state and party leader Xi Jinping wants. It is an area that Wang Shihting, Beijing’s new representative in Switzerland, is very familiar with.”

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Launch of Syngenta Group – creating a global agritech market leader | Syngenta

“Syngenta Group Co. Ltd., announced today the official launch of Syngenta Group, a new global leader in agricultural science and innovation. Under a single entity, it unites the strengths of Syngenta AG, headquartered in Switzerland, ADAMA, based in Israel, and the agricultural businesses of Sinochem, based in China. The new entity, headquartered in Switzerland, has 48,000 employees in more than 100 countries, and had sales of US$23 billion in 2019.”

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Swift Covid-19 vaccine within reach, say Swiss scientists | Swissinfo

“A team of researchers at the University of Bern is hoping to be the first to produce a vaccine against Covid-19 and inoculate the entire Swiss population in October.

“We have a realistic chance of being successful,” said Martin Bachmann, head of immunology at the Swiss university via a web conference with ACANU, the United Nations press association. “Switzerland has a history of being pragmatic and is more interested in finding a compromise to get the vaccine faster.”

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and its designation by the World Health Organization as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) at the end of January, most international health experts and authorities have said a vaccine should not be expected for about a year to 18 months – at the earliest.”

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Interview | “Investment controls would be a foolish act” | NZZ

“Stefan Brupbacher has been CEO of the Swiss Association of the Mechanical, Electrical and Metal Industries (Swissmem) since January 2019. In this guest contribution, the lawyer and economist advocates openness to Chinese investors. Local companies, according to Brupbacher’s conclusion, would benefit from owners from China.

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China’s Huawei flies under the radar in Switzerland with industrial 5G networks for dairy farmers | SCMP

“A quiet Huawei Technologies-led 5G revolution is unfolding at the heart of Europe – in the bucolic Swiss hamlet of Taenikon. Far from President Donald Trump’s campaign to stop the world from using the Chinese company’s technology, cows in this northern Swiss village – with its whitewashed cottages and manicured fields – wear Huawei’s 5G-connected neck-straps instead of traditional flat bells.”

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Yingqu Technology: A wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong holds 76% of each of SDH and SDW | Sina.cn

Yingqu Technology announced that recently, Intretech (HK) Co., Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company in Hong Kong, has paid the original equity shareholders of the Swiss company SDH Holding SA and SDATAWAY SA in the second phase of the equity purchase agreement for the 2019 equity transfer. About 2.172 million Swiss francs (approximately 15.51699 million yuan). At the same time, the transaction subject completed the 6% equity transfer of SDH and SDW each in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Equity Acquisition Agreement. Since the date of settlement, Yingqu Hong Kong has held 76% of each of SDH and SDW.

@ Sina.cn | July 19, 2019

Switzerland is committed to the Belt and Road initiative | NZZ

The relations between Bern and Beijing have been avant-garde for decades. As one of the first western countries, Switzerland has now signed a memorandum of understanding with China as part of the Belt and Road initiative (BRI). Federal President Ueli Maurer is not afraid of American retaliation.

@ NZZ | April 29, 2019

The Chinese Hon explains his plans for Eterna and Corum | NZZ

The NZZ article “The opaque plans of the Chinese with Swiss watches” has raised various questions in connection with the commitment of the Citychamp Group in Switzerland. Their majority shareholder Hon Kwok Lung comments on the article and reveals new plans.

@ NZZ | January 30, 2019

Chengdu Techcent Environment to acquire Viscotherm and stake in GAT-Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik | SECA

On 11/06/18 it was stated that Chengdu Techcent Environment Co., Ltd plans to acquire a 100 per cent stake in Viscotherm AG, a Zurich, Switzerland-based decanter drive manufacturer, and a 75 per cent stake in GAT-Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik GmbH, an Alsdorf, Germany-based rotary joint and other metal products manufacturer from ABG Holding AG. The total consideration is EUR 53 million, which may be founded through cash or assets. On completion, ABG Holding will cease to be shareholder of the companies. Chengdu does not own a stake in the companies prior to the transaction.

@ SECA | August, 2019

Shandong Ruyi invests US $ 700 million into Switzerland’s Bally | ChinaTimes

Recently, Shandong Ruyi Group ,  the “Chinese version of LVMH”, announced that it will acquire a controlling stake in the Swiss leather accessories company Bally International AG. Although the parties have not announced any specific details, sources familiar with the matter disclosed that the transaction was about $ 700 million, the deal will be completed within this year.

近日,有「中國版LVMH」的山東如意集團宣布,將收購瑞士皮革配件公司Bally International AG的控股權,雖雙方尚未公布具體細節,但知情人士透露,該筆交易作價約在7億美元,並會在今年內完成交易。

@ China Times | February 13, 2018